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IT’S week six of The Irish Sun quiz and we reckon our readers are the ultimate quiz masters at this stage. But there’s still.

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Good work on the quiz, friends! So many of you finished fast and strong, with only 1 or 2 questions tripping you up. We, too, had a little hiccup with Question 21, which we threw out. Guess it was a bit tricky even for us! Here are the stats, answers, and winners. 1,670 people took the quiz. 170 people scored 100%!

03/02/2019  · Take a look back at these surprising pieces of Super Bowl trivia, including the Patriots’ and Rams’ past Super Bowl history, as you finalize your game day bets bets, Brush up before the big game.

14 Dec 2016.

That game was played in North Carolina at Duke University. Cotton Bowl, Dallas, TX 2. When this stadium is rockin' don't come a' knockin'. The.

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Super Bowl Quiz #2 - NFL Football Trivia TestJan 12, 2016 – Challenge your Super Bowl party guests to a Super Bowl trivia with this printable multiple choice quiz.

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