Bitcoin Core 0.14.0 Speeds Up Blockchain Syncing By 48%

How to speed up Bitcoin Core sync15 Apr 2020.

Despite the benefits of its blockchain, Bitcoin still faces.

CoinPrune drastically improves synchronization performance: While network.

lightweight payment schemes [47], [48].

transactions to create an up-to-date UTXO set.

[27] Bitcoin Project, “Bitcoin Core version 0.14.0 released,” 2017, accessed.

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21 Jun 2017.

Describe the issue My bitcoin core wallet is taking a ridiculously long.

Bitcoin Core not using configured database cache size and taking way too long to sync # 10647.

20:04:31 receive version message: /Satoshi:0.14.0/: version 70015,

Not as much of a speed up as I had hoped, but the client is now.

4 Mar 2017.

I ran a full sync test on an EC2 c3.2xlarge instance (8 cores, 15GB RAM).

on top) while 0.14 only used 1 core and hovered around 80-120% on top.


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